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Building performance, simplified.

Buildings Alive helps many of the world’s leading owners, operators and occupiers of commercial and institutional real estate to achieve their energy and environmental efficiency goals.

What is my building’s potential?

Fund managers and asset owners need to know their buildings’ operational efficiency is being maximized.

What can be done to meet that potential?

Continuous improvement comes from daily, weekly and monthly reflection. Buildings Alive targets feedback at the level appropriate to each audience so they can understand how their asset is performing at a glance.

Are the actions I’m taking to improve my building effective?

All insights are built off our highly advanced data science and analytics, turning complex data into very clear information.

Latest Articles

Energy Impact of COVID Ventilation Strategies

Energy Impact of COVID Ventilation Strategies

As we enter Year 3 of the pandemic, it’s obvious that COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while. In response to living with the virus, some buildings have implemented revised ventilation strategies in an attempt to reduce likelihood of transmission in buildings and...

Fast forward to a carbon-free energy future, 24/7

Fast forward to a carbon-free energy future, 24/7

With all the COP26 news last month, there was a lot to digest. One thing you may have missed was that in the United Nation's 'SDG7' pavilion an initiative was quietly released that we think will have a global impact - the launch of the 24/7 Carbon-free Global Energy...