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We provide automated feedback and technical analysis to help optimize the energy and environment performance of large, complex buildings.

Our Story

Buildings Alive helps many of the world’s leading owners, operators and occupiers of commercial and institutional real estate achieve their energy and environmental efficiency goals.

Buildings Alive was launched in November 2012 to share knowledge and broaden the impact of a successful academic research study which commenced at the University of Sydney in 2009.

The study’s hypothesis was that if operators of large and complex buildings could be provided with clear and timely information about the performance of their buildings (i.e ‘normalized feedback’, not just ‘meter data’), they would be motivated to experiment with improvement strategies. And if they experimented with the aid of such feedback and with the addition of a supportive social learning environment, they would repeat successes and eliminate failures.

And, sure enough, that is exactly what happened! Within a few months of introducing automated daily energy performance feedback, operators of buildings that had already achieved world-class efficiency standards prior to commencement of the study were achieving up to 10% more.

From the outset, our business model has been based on a value proposition for building owners and operators that leverages leading-edge data science, building science and behavioral science to deliver positive cashflow without capital investment, no up-front costs, no lock-in contracts, and guaranteed results.

Nowadays we have the privilege of working closely and at all levels with many of the world’s leading owners, operators and occupiers of commercial and institutional real estate. We provide our services to hundreds of large office buildings, shopping malls, academic buildings, laboratories and other complex buildings throughout Australia, Europe and North America. And we continue to invest heavily in cutting-edge R&D and offer our personalized face-to-face service built on a sophisticated, robust and constantly evolving technology platform.