Congratulations to our clients Brookfield, Charter Hall, Stockland and Property NSW for being rated among Australia’s best performing office portfolios according to the inaugural NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Report. The report, published recently by NABERS, discloses the carbon emissions and water usage intensity of many of Australia’s largest property portfolios.

The teams behind each portfolio have shown outstanding leadership and we’re delighted to have travelled with them on their journey towards NABERS excellence. Starting with Brookfield and Charter Hall in 2013 and Stockland and Property NSW in 2018, we’ve seen firsthand how their commitment to addressing operational improvement opportunities has made a material difference to their funds’ performance by cutting costs and helping to attract and retain tenants.

Property NSW’s achievement of having been rated the top portfolio for water efficiency is especially worth celebrating since many of their buildings are prominent landmarks in regional cities suffering drought.

Together, the four portfolios account for 30% of the office buildings covered under the report. The shopping centre results (congrats again, Stockland – top performing major portfolio!) also point to what’s possible from committing to responsible investment and optimisation of existing assets.

NABERS has announced that the Sustainable Portfolios Report will be published bi-annually, with the next one due in April 2020.

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