Our Services

Buildings Alive helps many of the world’s leading owners, operators and occupiers of commercial and institutional real estate to achieve their energy and environmental efficiency goals.

Daily Feedback

Clients receive daily messages via email (or less frequently if preferred) conveying deep insights about utilities performance and analysis of improvement opportunities.

Guidance & Support

Our engineers review the performance of every building every day and are in regular contact with operations teams to share expert technical insights.

Dynamic Benchmarking

Customized dashboards enable dynamic evaluation of buildings’ (and portfolios’) performance relative to their peers and their potential, and exposes opportunities for improvement.

Automated Submeter Analytics

Machine learning that cuts through the complexity and ‘noise’ from sub-meter data, highlighting problems and opportunities that often go undetected.

Demand Management

Automated forecasting and forewarning of peak electricity demand events to assist with demand optimisation and minimising network capacity charges.

Carbon efficiency

Forecasting and analysis of electricity market prices and real-time emissions intensity to support zero carbon strategies and target 24/7 Carbon Free Energy (CFE).

Target Setting, Analysis and M&V

Quantify the improvement potential for individual buildings and portfolios under any operating conditions, identify the factors that drive it, and track progress in achieving it.

Equipment Optimisation & Metering

Advanced machine learning applied to embedded data sources to support deeper analysis and fine-tuning in near real-time.

We provide automated daily performance insights with sophisticated analysis and expert technical guidance and support. These elements combine to minimize the time and money required to achieve optimum building performance.

Our unique platform and methodology leverages leading-edge data science, building science and behavioral science to deliver positive cashflow without capital investment. There are no up-front costs, no lock-in contracts, and results are guaranteed.