2012 has been an extraordinary year for Green Buildings Alive. In recent weeks we’ve been incredibly busy establishing our platform and we are now looking forward to a quick break before ramping up again in the New Year.

Result: Through the efforts and commitment of their operators, the greenhouse gas emissions from each of the 32 buildings using the Pulse platform reduced by more than 200 tonnes on average during 2012! We reckon that’s at least 6,000 tonnes of seasonal goodwill.

As the year draws to a close, we are excited about the potential for several new buildings to join Green Buildings Alive in 2013. If they follow the path of the others we will be thrilled!

We’ll be back blogging about all things building/environment related in the New Year. And we’ll also be making improvements to the data sharing aspect of this site, for our community of visitors. We very much welcome your contributions and thank you for your support and encouragement during 2012.

Six thousand tonnes of CO2 saved

Building operators on the Buildings Alive platform would know exactly how much festive lights add to their daily energy load.

Image by MSVG (creative commons)